Group Homes for Girls

group homes for girls

Solstice RTC offers a premier group home for girls. As a distinguished residential treatment center for at-risk adolescent girls, we specialize in experiential therapy (milieu, adventure, and equine-assisted therapy) that is aimed to transform troubled youth from mental and behavioral health related issues.

Solstice RTC is one of the nation's top group homes for teens, offering a number of applications designed to help troubled teen girls struggling with addiction, academic failure, depression and more. Life can become very frustrating and difficult to navigate for troubled teen girls.

As teen girls begin to encounter any number of enigmatic problems, such as addiction, depression, academic failure and more, it can be difficult for parents to be effective in providing the proper structure and support necessary for teen girls to regain a semblance of normalcy in their lives.

An exorbitant amount of pragmatic and empirical evidence that is currently present suggests that enrolling troubled teen girls in a residential based program can be very beneficial in providing them with the proper environment and support system necessary to adequately confront the challenges they are facing.

The Effectiveness of the Group Home Model

According to the American Psychiatric Association, the use of a girls group home to provide a safe and structured environment for teens to effectively confront their challenges can produce exceptional results.

Group homes for girls has the trained staff necessary to provide the type of therapy a young teen girl will need to experience their breakthrough. Although this type of treatment is centered on a group concept, the teen will have a very specific treatment plan that is designed to meet their unique challenges.

It is often good to remove the teen out of their normal environment when they are struggling with certain issues, especially issues such as depression or addiction. A group home for girls will provide a safe environment in which the teen will be able to participate without inhibitions, interruptions or distractions. They will also be away from those influences that contributed to the crisis in the first place.

why choose solstice rtc?
    • Issues and disorders in which Solstice RTC specializes in treating:
    • Trauma (traumatic memories, experiences)
    • Addiction (substance abuse & process/behavioral)
    • Anxiety disorders (social anxiety, separation, panic attacks)
    • Depression (self-harm, suicidal thoughts)
    • Grief/loss (death of loved one, relationship loss)
    • Adoption (attachment disorder, RAD)
    • Academic struggles (learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD)
    • Defiance (oppositional defiance, non-compliance)
    • Personality disorders (borderline, histrionic, dependent)
    • Treatments and therapies in which Solstice RTC specializes:
    • Treatment Modalities
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy
    • Dialectical behavior therapy
    • Somatic therapy
    • EMDR
    • Our students not only keep up with the rest of those at their level, they often surpass the National averages:
    • GPA on average, increases by 0.41 points
    • ACT Scores compared to national average for 2013-2015 is 2 points above average
    • SAT Scores 2011-2015: Math 41% above national average; Writing 52% above national average
    • In the US, 67% of high school graduates are college bound, whereas 78% of Solstice graduates are college bound
    • Some more advantages Solstice education curriculum offers:
    • AdvancED accreditation
    • State certified teachers (USOE)
    • Small class sizes (6-12)
    • ACT/SAT preparation
    • Special education and teachers on staff
    • Individual education plans (IEP)
    • Treatment team integration (input from the academic director, teacher, and clinicians)
    • Experiential learning opportunities
    • High school diploma (not identified as being from residential treatment school)
    • Courses covering everything from Chemistry, Math, Physics to Physical Education

As a fully integrated academic program and therapeutic clinic, Solstice is devoted to the change and education of our adolescent students. Through our psychiatric services (individual, group, and substance abuse/addiction therapy) and clinical therapy (cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and somatic therapy) services, teen girls have the best chance to recover from problems such as opiate abuse/addiction, technology addiction (social media, cell phone), defiance, and/or bipolar disorder issues.

Contact one of our experienced intake counselors today at (866) 278-3345 to get more information about enrollment, insurance coverage, or transportation options. Get help for your struggling teen today!

group homes for troubled teen girls

Solstice RTC acknowledges that the public is slowly catching up to the prevalence of mental health issues as far as teens are concerned. For many years, young teens have suffered in silence because parents were not able to recognize the symptoms of certain mental health conditions, and this has led to a rise in self-harming and suicide.

Fortunately, there are more group homes for troubled teen girls and programs that focus on educating the public and offering treatment for troubled teens. Residential treatment centers like Solstice, provide troubled teen girls, who may be struggling with depression, addiction or academic failure, a safe and secure environment in which girls can effectively confront their issues.

group homes for troubled teen girls

The Effectiveness of the Group Home Concept

The effectiveness of the group home concept has proven to be very successful in treating troubled teen girls, with one of the major reasons for the high rate of success being the supportive environment. Not only are teens around other teens who can relate to their struggles, but they also have access to a team of experts who will be able to provide the support and guidance necessary to overcome their struggles and reenter their worlds in a manner in which troubled teen girls will be able to function on a very high level.

When it comes to helping troubled teens, it is paramount to ensure that they get the help they need as soon as possible. According to, it is crucial for troubled teens to seek help as soon as they realize they have a problem. Parents play a significant role in helping their teen daughters find the help that they need; this is why it is imperative for parents to be able to recognize the symptoms and signs of addiction, depression, and other common issues that teen girls face.

Seeking treatment at a Residential Treatment Center, like Solstice, can help to expedite and sustain recovery. The key is to be proactive in engaging these enigmatic issues, because troubled teens do not typically self-correct. In fact, if left untreated, these conditions will likely worsen.

mental health group homes

As the challenge of dealing with troubled teen girls becomes more prevalent, more parents are considering the option to enroll their troubled teens in group homes for proper treatment. There is an increasing amount of research that reveals that mental health group homes, also known as residential treatment centers, are highly effective in treating troubled teen girls who may be struggling with a number of troubling issues, including addiction, depression sexual promiscuity and more.

Group homes like Solstice RTC, which is an all-girls group home, specializing in helping teen girls engage their struggles in a safe and structured environment to ensure that girls have the best opportunity to overcome their challenges.

Understanding the Group Home Concept

Group homes are essentially residential living facilities, and understanding the group home concept helps one to know that these are designed and equipped to help young teens recover from any number of issues. There are a number of benefits to using a group home approach to help troubled teen girls meet their challenges head on.

These programs are focused on a long-term approach, and although they are set in a group environment, the care and treatment plans are highly individualized to fit the particular needs of the individual. According to Parenting Answers, group homes provide a viable option for the treatment of troubled teens, when parents have exhausted more basic methods.

The Primary Benefits of Group Home Therapy

One of the most prevalent and primary benefits of group home therapy is the use of a structured approach, that provides guidance and security to the teens in a manner that makes them comfortable and provides them with the confidence they need to succeed.

The group home concept also places these youth in an environment with other teens whom they can relate to, ensuring that they don't feel alone during the process.

Through our clinical therapy (cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and somatic therapy) and psychiatric services (individual, group, and substance abuse/addiction therapy) services, Solstice is devoted to the education and transformation of our teenager students. Give your adolescent the greatest opportunity for change from common issues such as depressive disorder, alcohol dependence, internet addiction (social media, YouTube), and/or oppositional defiant disorder.

Call (866) 278-3345 to get in contact with a Solstice intake counselor today! They will provide more information about our program, insurance coverage, enrollment fees, or options available for transport. Get help for your troubled adolescent today!

Mental Health Resources for At-risk Teen Girls

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This agency works to encourage public health endeavors for the advancement of the mental health in your local area, and all over the nation. SAMHSA’s goal is to dramatically reduce the impact that opiate abuse/addiction and mental illnesses have on local communities. SAMHSA is made up of advisory councils and committees that help to move their goals forward. Through the support of these committees, SAMHSA receives information and advice from the public members and mental health practitioners in the field of mental health and opiate abuse/addiction treatment for troubled youth and young adults.